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Full references are available on request, here are some excerpts:

"Excelling at all times in her duties, she is an intelligent and highly resourceful person, able to manage a range of children, responding sensitively to their needs and bringing the best out of them."

"I would recommend Amanda unreservedly for her skills as a creative mentor for young people, a manager and a dynamic team player.  It was a great pleasure to work with her and she would be an enormous asset to any organisation." 

"Amanda has project led for Cool it Schools on many occasions, each time winning the devotion and respect of staff and pupils alike.  She had a total dedication to helping people to expand their creative thinking, explore new ideas and reach toward dynamic and innovative outcomes."

- Jane Langley, Director of Cool it Schools

"Amanda showed exceptional persistence and dedication.   She formed excellent relationships and helped pupils achieve complex outcomes.  Her work is a tribute both to her skills and her concern for the education of young people"

- David Sheppard, Headteacher of The Charter School

"Amanda brought a fresh and inventive approach to the project which was reflected in both the finished product and the sketchbook record she kept of the working process."

- Caroline Elderfield, Community Artist, Oak Grove College